Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Marc Chagall

 Marc Chagall

He was born as a Jewish-Russian.

Born on 6 July 1887 and died on 28 March 1985.

The type of art he was most interested in was Jewish art combined with Chrstian that included his painting, drawings, book illustrations, stained glass, stage sets, ceramics, tapestries and fine art prints.

He lived near the city of Vitebsk with his family in Liozna and was the oldest out of his 9 siblings.

Marc had lived in New York but never learnt English. It took him 30 years to learn bad French but never wanted to try English. This would have made his life difficult living in New York.

This piece of art is on the ceiling of Garnier Opera in Paris.

I would love to have this painting from Marc Chagall because it reminds of all those reigning monarchs in the 1800s dancing in a ball with the princesses.

File:Detail from ceiling of Garnier Opera, Paris (7179080926).jpg

Wednesday, 18 November 2020

The Giraffes

 Clip clop, clip clop, clip clop... A giraffe walked out. Another one pops out... Even more come. They walk into the hallway. A giraffe spots a camera supervising them. It pokes out its tongue. A tower of giraffe make their way up the ramp. The giraffes follow each other, one by one. Does it sound like freedom? The tower of giraffe show no emotions. It seemed as if they have been locked away for years.

Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Wednesday, 4 November 2020


Alma writes her name on the chalkboard with the names of all the children that went missing. She was wandering around her town with snow on the ground, unaware of the doll in the window. It looks just like her. In excitement she ran to the door. The door wouldn’t budge. As her anger grew she threw a snowball at the door. The door creaked open slightly to the point where the girl showed no sign of fear but excitement. There was a thump on the floor, Alma looked back in the direction of the window but the doll had mysteriously disappeared. 

Alma notices all of the dolls, they look very creepy. She becomes spooked by this boy doll who rides along with his toy bike to the door. It seemed like he was trying to escape but rather the door closed with a thump. The bike bumped into the door and Alma showed no emotion. 

As her eyes turned and found the doll she had been looking for, she climbed onto a couch and reached out for it. Her eyes grew wide wondering what would happen if she touched the doll. As she touched the nose of the doll, her memory distorted into the body of a doll. She scanned the room with a dodgy movement from her eyes, breathing heavily, afraid. The dolls were all looking at her. 

Alma awoke in her bed in the morning. She went to check her mum and dad’s room if there was anything strange. Her house didn’t seem to have any weird unordinary stuff. She shrugged it off, it was just a dream. She decides to never write her name on a chalkboard… just in case. 

Friday, 16 October 2020

Grid Map


I chose Melbourne for my Grid Map and wrote questions on the next slides. My partner answered them, we learned about the compass direction as well!

Friday, 18 September 2020

Aroha's Way

 Aroha's parents fighting in the living room, everyday. She starts getting lonely and getting distant from her parents. She cries endlessly in bed, paranoid that her parents will divorce. She thought to herself "What should I do?" She was depressed. She didn't tell her friends about her family problems, she didn't have the guts to. She was afraid of getting a growling from both of her parents, Aroha spends most of her time in the backyard listening to her favourite song and drifts off to sleep.

Aroha continued to  experienced the sadness from her parents, it was a pain in a neck for her. All she could do is sit in her bed and cry. In her school her friends would notice her being sad and needed space. All her friends gathered around her saying "you know you can always talk to us about your problems that you're always sad about." Aroha was surprised from her friends saying that. Eventually she ended up telling her problems to them.

After school, her mum picks her up from school, she tells her mum to go to the living room to discuss something important. Once they were home, she told both of them she was suffering with their fights and how they needed to stop it. Her paranoia grew wide thinking what her parents would say. Thankfully, they also had been suffering from other things, they were stressed about their difficult jobs and how they needed things that were important. The next day she felt relieved and happy. She went to her backyard to find her friends in disarray. They said "We're sorry we didn't know you were sad but we're also happy that you told them." She hugged them and played games, she's feeling happy and joyful.