Thursday, 24 October 2019

What makes a Dependable Family

Being part of a family is showing loyalty and love to each other. Family is very important because they provide love,trust and dependent. 

Being loyal is being reliable and true. Loyalty is part of family and also friendship. Family and friends always have your back. They are always honest and reliable. 

Love is one of the most important qualities in a family. Family consists of the people who support and love you, and the people you can confide in and trust. Being loved develops good cheerfulness and lots of joy. 

Being kind is having empathy to others. A kind person is loving and giving out of the goodness in their hearts.For example, If you see a person crying because of a bully, you can talk to them about it and you cheer the person up with funny faces! It always about building relationships between family and friends.

Family is having qualities like loyalty,kindness,love and responsibility. Family is a strong bond between kids and parents.

Monday, 23 September 2019

Narrative Writing

There was an explosion in the library where an unknown betrayer or bandit had  secretly put a bomb killing everyone in there. The fire spread across the whole village. Some villagers died from the lack of oxygen some put a jumper or coat over their nose so they wouldn’t faint and die from the fire’s smoke.The enemy flees as quick as he can so he can’t reveal his identity to others.
There was one boy named Peter, he and his father went home to get all their belongings. But as soon as they packed up Peter’s father found his book that he hadn’t  returned to the library before it exploded. He said to Peter, “This is the book of our people.” Once they were ready they were off to find another home. Some were depressed and some were crying over their lost ones. The whole village suffered from walking too much and sleeping on the roads huddling to keep warm.

One day  Peter’s father was ill. Some disease he caught  from travelling on the road. He gave Peter the book hoping he will keep it safe. He then died. The villagers buried Peter’s father telling Peter “Leave that book of yours we have a long way to go!” Peter fell into depression and didn’t give up on the book his Father gave him. Eventually he left the suitcase and held on to the book tightly.

Peter and the villagers found a steep hill that lead to a city. By the time they got there Peter was all alone as the villagers went into the city. Peter found an ancient linden tree that was over 1,000 years old and had grown many branches. He buried the book under the linden tree.
Then he went on with his life.

Years later, Peter, now a parent, started thinking about the past. He had forgotten the book his father gave him. He makes his way back to the city where he left the book. He started running towards the linden tree hoping it will still be there.

When he finally arrived he sees a little girl playing nearby. He asks her to come with him to the linden tree. They dig up the dirt and find the book. The girl said “Aww, it's just a scruffy rusty book.” Peter replied “It's not just any book it’s a book about our people.” They both read the book.

Peter continues his travels and finds his Dad’s grave. His eyes glazed as he saw a person. It was too hard to see who it was. Peter rushed over there immediately, he knew it was one of his family. He remembered this woman. When they both met. Peter started saying “Mum?” Then the woman replied “Who are you? And why have you come here?” Peter said “I am Peter and this is my Dad’s grave…” The woman replied, “Peter? You're my son!” They both hugged. Peter was surprised that his Mum was here. He asked “Where have you been?” She said “I was kidnapped by the enemy in the library. He took me to his prison where I was kept for years.”  Peter asked “How did you escape?” She replied “a friend of mine was captured because she was in the library last year. She gave me her pin to unlock the lock on the cell. She told me to look for help.” Peter said “But why did you come here?” His mum said “I went to find help in the village but it seems to be empty, I saw a lot of people died. So I went to travel  on the way I saw this grave and I knew it was my husband.” Peter said “What did you come to the library for?” I was looking for this book but it wasn’t there. So the enemy’s guard asked me where was this book. I said I do not know what book you want?” So he imprisoned me. Peter said I’m putting the book back where it belongs so it is safe and sound.” So his mum and Peter went off walking back to the village.

Peter and his mum saw the beautiful village, it had been restored by some of the villagers who hadn’t left. There they saw the new library with fresh new books. Mum and Peter gave the book to the Library Manager to put the book back where it belongs.

Thursday, 22 August 2019

Drama (Story)

There are a lot of things  happening right now. An unknown villain or enemy bombed the library… there was no answer to He/She did it or why? People were crying for their lost ones. They all decided to flee from the city from the fire burning all the village. They walked for miles, the villagers slept on nights and traveled for food and home… They eventually found more food but no new villages.

We couldn’t find a village so we searched day and night. Eventually we found a map which would lead us to a forest. When we got to the forest, there was nothing there, we thought that there would be a home for us to live in, Instead, we traveled to another forest. My dad couldn’t walk for another mile, he felt so ill he died. But I still moved on without him, all I know is that he is in a better place. I was pretty angry that we got nothing, so I ordered everyone to build a home for us to live. 

At night people were still working overnight and day. Some months later they finished the new village, every villager was happy. But then… Soldiers came from our forest. I was thinking they lived here too? That explains why there was bear traps, So they can capture villagers and torture them. Does it have to do with the book? Why do they need it? Why is it important? Now all this story is explained or not. 

Now we are captured. We have our chance and our only hope is someone could save us. Who ever is reading is. Help us.